A Connected, Inclusive and Interdependent city.

Nothing exacerbates concentrated poverty more than isolating vulnerable communities. If we want a modernized and thriving city, we need a connected city. I will focus on ensuring that our streets are safe, walkable and cycle-able; that we invest in our busses, subways, trolleys and trains; that we provide language access in all part of our government and service arenas; and that we finally ensure universal Internet access to all our city’s residents.

Creating streets that are safe, walkable and cycle-able. I support investing in planning and streetscape improvements to ensure that no matter how Philadelphians get around, they can travel safely. I will embrace “Vision Zero” goals of minimizing harm to pedestrians, and will encourage the redesign of dangerous intersections and frequent crash sites. I believe we should further fund our growing network of bike lanes, and create Philadelphia’s first protected bike lanes to ensure that riding is easy and pleasant for cyclists of all ages. I know that investing in bicycle infrastructure will benefit both new and old residents, from the immigrants biking to work from South Philly, to the entrepreneurs headed to our tech corridor on N3rd Street. I will also be an advocate for bringing new state and federal resources to upgrade our crucial public transit systems.

Ensuring that all Philadelphians have fast, reliable Internet access. Internet access is an increasingly crucial utility, whether you are seeking a job, paying your bills, or completing your homework. In the home city of Comcast, no Philadelphian should be without fast, reliable, and affordable Internet service. Currently, however, Philadelphia ranks 23rd out of the 25 largest cities for broadband access – a truly shameful digital divide. We need to seize the opportunity to negotiate with our cable providers to ensure that they are truly contributing to the goal of universal access. I will fight for universal access, better rates, and faster speeds.

Celebrating our diversity, and ensuring language access for all who need it. Philadelphia is growing again after decades of population loss, and much of that growth is due to new immigrants. Diverse immigrant communities are an essential part of our city’s fabric, from the small business owners reviving our commercial corridors to vibrant cultural institutions and community festivals. Every Philadelphian deserves equal access to their city government, and I am committed to ensuring that we provide strong language access and culturally-appropriate services for all communities. Improving these relationships increases our public safety, improves access to education, and ensures public health.