PHILADELPHIA (May 9, 2015) – Late Friday, as candidates for City Council At-Large filed their first public finance reports of the year, Helen Gym, education activist and mother of three children in Philadelphia’s public schools shook up the Council At-Large race by having the second highest cash on hand going into the homestretch of the campaign–second only to the self-funding center city developer, Allan Domb.

This comes after a week in which Helen Gym inserted herself into the conversation about the Mayoral campaign when she spoke out against the influence of three billionaire hedge fund managers trying to buy their preferred Mayoral candidate, drawing the ire of Tony Williams and SRC commissioner Bill Green. Friday’s finance reports show that in addition to gaining increased attention in the media and from grassroots organizations, Helen Gym has the resources to run strong through election day and win.

Helen Gym said, “Our campaign has been successful because we’ve focused on what really matters, the issues affecting families in Philadelphia that City Council has ignored for too long. When I talk about the battles I’ve already fought and won as a neighborhood activist, pushing back against predatory casinos, forcing the PPA to pay millions into our schools, and taking on the SRC, the response is enthusiastic, and that’s demonstrated by the broad grassroots support my campaign has received in both volunteers and donors.”

Helen Gym’s campaign reported raising $282,452 to date, $259,000 raised since January 1. The campaign reported $210,859 cash on hand remaining for the final two weeks of the campaign.

Grassroots Momentum:

An overwhelming proportion of Helen Gym’s funding has come from small, individual donors:

  • 1,000 – over 1,000 donors have contributed to Helen’s campaign
  • 84%  – percent of contributors to Helen’s campaign have donated $250 or less
  • $100 – The median individual contribution to Helen’s campaign

Helen Gym is a former teacher, mother of three children in Philadelphia’s public schools, and a nationally recognized community activist. Helen was honored as the 2007 Citizen of the Year, and in 2014 she was honored by President Obama as a Cesar E. Chavez Champion of Change.