PHILADELPHIA (June 3rd, 2015) – Helen Gym, education advocate and Democratic nominee for City Council At-Large re-issued her Fair Share Funding Proposal for Philadelphia Schools and urged Council to meet the School District of Philadelphia’s full $105 request by providing sustainable, recurring sources of  revenue.

As City Council considers a number of options to provide funding for the SDP that include some ideas championed by Helen Gym during her primary campaign (real estate and U&O adjustments, along with an increase in the parking tax), Helen Gym reiterated the city’s need for full funding of our schools through recurring, sustainable revenue–as opposed to relying on one-time fixes such as the sale of tax liens.

Gym said, “One of the reasons the city finds itself in trouble with school funding every year is because too often we rely on unsustainable solutions that don’t offer stability for proper budgetary planning. My plan lays out four areas where City Council can raise the resources necessary  to meet the Superintendent’s request for $105 million in local funding, and does so through stable and recurring sources of revenue.”

The full outline of Helen’s proposal can be read at

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Helen Gym’s proposed plan would make minor adjustments in the city’s Use & Occupancy and  Parking taxes, establish a modest PILOT program for the city’s largest non-profits, and cut the Mayor’s proposed property tax increase by more than  half. The result is a Fair Share funding proposal that does not place the entire burden of school funding on solely one group of residents, and offers sustainable, recurring sources of revenue.

Helen Gym is a Democratic nominee for City Council At-Large. Helen is a former teacher, mother of three children in Philadelphia’s public schools, and a nationally recognized education & community activist.