Yesterday was an amazing day. As I criss-crossed the city visiting polls in every neighborhood, I was continuously inspired by the excitement and the passion I saw in volunteers and supporters like yourself who drove home a message that uplifted our schools, our communities and our young people.

Thank you.

Because of you, we drove the most powerful grassroots campaign in recent memory. Our campaign was centered on a serious platform about demanding equity and justice in education. We defined the issues driving the election from Council races on up to the Mayoral race. Your passion, determination, and perseverance inspired a city and redefined how to run a truly successful grassroots effort to improve public education and institutions in our city. Now we’re taking that message to City Hall.

I am humbled by the overwhelming support that carried our campaign to victory. I could not have done this without you.

We have a lot to do to ensure that every child in our city has access to a quality education. So don’t stop fighting. Our work has just begun, and as you demonstrated in this campaign, if we work together we can accomplish anything.

Thank you,